Solar Modules and Panels

At Electrawise we offer a broad range of solar panels to suit the differing needs of South Australian consumers. We offer modules from Germany, Portugal & China, all with bullet proof warranties & after sales/ service support.

Below are our 3 ranges of solar modules;

The Best Solar System is a German Made Solar System! If your selection criteria for a solar system requires highest build quality, highest efficiency, secure warranties and rigorously tested solar panels, then look no further than our all German solar system.

This systems offer products from Tier One Manufactures from Europe or Asia, these panels manufacturers are world leaders and offer a good option if our Best Solar System options might not fit your budget.

Our Good Solar System represents our cheapest solar systems without risking poor quality. These systems use Tier One solar panel manufacturers but we in-cooperate a Chinese Inverter (Zever Solar) which radically reduces system costs.

For any inquiries and concerns, contact Electrawise here.