Conergy PowerPlus modules

Conergy PowerPlus solar modules M (mono-crystalline) and P (poly-crystalline) with 60 cells offer premium quality that pays for itself. They guarantee high system yields and reliable operation over the entire term, and under the most demanding environmental and weather conditions. They are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are characterised by many well thought through details and characteristics that set standards in this combination. We offer a 10 years standard product warranty.

Benefits for the system operator:

Consistently high yields in practical use

conergy powerplus
  • High-performance modules with monocrystalline (M) or polycrystalline (P) triple busbar cell technology
  • High efficiency even under low light conditions
  • High level of performance, with up to 250 Wp rated capacity and up to 2.5 % more module output through positive performance tolerance
  • High yield security through to comprehensive performance guarantees for 25 years²

Premium quality for maximum durability and long life

  • High-quality and quality-tested materials and TÜV-certified production
  • Secure junction box and cavity-free frame
  • High stability, for example in snow, wind and hail, and now with a module load of up to 6,000 Pascal
  • Resistant to all weather conditions to salt mist and ammonia vapours
  • The entire module development, production, quality assurance and module production is TÜV-certified to ISO 9001 and 14001, and meets or exceeds all relevant standards



Adelaide Conergy Powerplus specification sheet

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