Energy costs remains a substantial factor to a businesses bottom line.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation has launched a fund of $120 million through the Nati030onal Australia Bank,

with interest rates that are 0.7 of a per cent lower than its standard rate.

Agribusinesses can apply for loans of up to $5 million to install solar

panels, buy hybrid vehicles, upgrade refrigerators or install dual speed

irrigation pumps. Oliver Yates, chief executive of the government-backed

Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), said the co-finance


arrangement was the second of its type, after the Commonwealth Bank last year made $100 million available for

energy efficiencies. “A business or organisation that takes energy efficiency measures seriously, shows that they are

serious about running a profitable and highly productive business and organisation, with the added benefit of

reducing their emissions,” said CEFC CEO Oliver Yates.


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