Conergy Power Plus 250W Solar Panel Review

Conergy Power Plus Solar panel review

written by Jason Ellul MBA (current), BEng, ADip, CEC Accredited, Elec Lic PGE2135




German manufacturer Conergy continues to lead the field in efficiency, first grade material quality, manufacturing expertise and testing, while offering genuine local support in South Australia, Western Australia Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland.

The Conergy Power Plus solar panel designed and made in Germany is tested in both laboratory and environmentally to ensure these panels meet the harsh conditions of Australia, not just sterile laboratory tests. Environmental testing such as Salt fog (Suite coastal regions), Ammonia (Farming regions), Cyclone and Hail Stone test are critical to ensure that these solar panels pass the test of time.



Fig 1: Conergy Power Plus panel tested against billard size golf balls.


Just in weight alone (and I have lifted plenty of these panels on roofs), these solar panels are solid to handle, indicating well constructed product and with module load ratings of up to 6,000 Pascal or corresponding to a load of 612 kilograms per square metre, from these figures these panels are designed to last. Additionally, the Aluminium frame construction is solid which is worth mention ( Cyclone tested ), some manufacturers in cost cutting measures often use hollow Aluminium frames. Additionaly, the Conergy Power Plus frame is designed for the allowance of metal expansion/detraction compared to some solar panels that are welded at the corners which create stress on the corners.

The Conergy Power Plus is designed and built in Germany with A grade quality components, 3 Busbar technologies and self cleaning glass you can be rest assured these panels will be producing good energy returns for years to come.

If you’re buying criteria is high quality, technology, environmental and socially conscious societies, consider German solar products.

Don’t buy before you try, contact us and we will be happy to show you a Conergy Power Plus solar panel.