Enphase Micro Inverters

The Enphase microinverter system has rapidly gained popularity around the world. During 2014, the company shipped 2.6 million microinverters globally, an increase of 1 million units compared to 2013. 7.2 million units have been shipped in total.

Other advantages of the system include the elimination of a single point of system failure, quick and easy installation and a safer device for both system installers and owners.

The full Enphase microinverter suite of products combines cutting-edge power electronics, networking and web-based software.

An Enphase microinverter system is coupled with the Envoy Communications Gateway, which acts as the network hub between the solar array’s microinverters and Enphase’s Enlighten software. The Gateway gathers electricity production data, sending it to Enlighten.

Enlighten software enables solar professionals to remotely monitor and manage a solar panel system. For the system owner, MyElighten provides a more user-friendly version of the software that can be accessed from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

MyEnlighten users can easily verify system health and performance at-a-glance, check performance against historical data, view solar electricity production by day, month or hour and even share system information on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

US-based Enphase has a very serious commitment to quality. Each model undergoes 1 million power-on hours (equivalent to 114 years) of accelerated, long-term reliability testing prior to being made commercially available. It’s this extensive testing that gives Enphase the confidence to offer a 25-year limited warranty – far longer than what’s available with most traditional string inverters.

There are 125 active patents for Enphase technology and the company has 500+ employees worldwide.

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