About ZeverSolar

Zeversolar is a Chinese solar manufacturer operating, since 2013, as a subsidiary of SMA, a giant multinational company active in the renewable energy business, read more.


Zeversolar specializes in the production of single and three-phase solar inverters equipped with single or multiple MPPT inputs and with diverse power ranges in order to meet the needs of customers coming from different markets.

For example, the Eversol TL series is the latest generation of inverters, and it is specifically designed for small residential applications, whereas the Evershine TLC and TL series are built for any kind of residential use (from small to big-seized households).


On the other hand, Zeversolar’s Evershine TLC and Eversol TLC three-phase inverters can be used to cover the needs of the majority of commercial uses, whereas for industrial applications, the company develops inverters from 500KW to 1MW in size (NSG series).

The company operates mainly in the Chinese market, but there are several international offices located in Europe and in Australia (specifically in Melbourne).

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