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Buy solar power for home or business by calling 1300 70 20 79. Start saving on your electricity bills with a system installed by ElectraWise’ Solar Specialists – with our discounts, it can cost less than you may think! When you buy solar panels or other renewable energy equipment, it’s an important investment – and one you’ll be living with for many years. ElectraWise  engineering expertise  uses only qualified Clean Energy Council Approved Installers, ElectraWise is solely dedicated to renewable energy. We are a low cost business, using satisfied customers word of mouth to grow our business. ElectraWise 20 years in the technology sector means that we will not install any equipment to get our business. We are very selective and cautions in our product offering – truly sustainably generated power you can create yourself and save on your electricity bills! Whether it’s components such as solar panels, deep cycle batteries or charge controllers; fully installed rooftop grid connect or off grid solar power systems, Led Lighting, Energy Efficient pumps we have you covered! When you contact our team, you’re not just speaking with a company sales person. You will speak directly to a qualified Engineer/Solar Installer who has many years of experience We’re all truly passionate about renewable energy and have the experience to provide you with the right advice. We’re also always current with the latest information on Australian Federal and State government renewable energy rebates, subsidies and other financial incentives; helping to save you even more money!  Get ready to start saving on electricity costs by calling our friendly team today on 1300 70 20 79 or get an instant online quote.


2.0kW System –  9.0kWh/daily        Total Annually – 3274kWh/year

3.0kW System – 11.2kWh/daily        Total Annually – 4093kWh/year

3.5kW System – 13.5kWh/daily        Total Annually –  5730kWh/year

4.0kW System – 15.7kWh/daily        Total Annually –  3274kWh/year

4,5kW System – 17.9kWh/daily        Total Annually –  6549kWh/year

4.75kW System – 20.2kWh/daily     Total Annually –  7367kWh/year

5.0kW System  – 21.7kWh/daily       Total Annually –  7777kWh/year

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