Solar Modules / Panels by Now Energy, Adelaide leading installer of Renewable Energy equipment. 

At Now Energy we offer a broad range of solar panels to suit the differing needs of South Australian consumers. We offer modules from Germany, Portugal & China, all with bullet proof warranties & after sales/ service support.

Below are our 3 ranges of solar modules;

European Range

SolarWorld offers a German made range of Solar Modules for the Australian market.

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Serious Range

At Now Energy we offer 2 module options in our Serious range. Jinko & Canadian Solar. Both of the solar panels are made in China although they are widely considered as the premium solar panel options from Chinese manufacturers.

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Value Range

Now Energy offers Blue Sun Group’s 250w Polycrystalline solar panel within it’s value range. If you are looking for a product that still maintains reasonable quality standards at an unbeatable low price, then Blue Sun is for you.

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