SMA Sunnyboy Storage 2.5 using Tesla Power Wall

The new launch of the Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 2016, is SMA’s answer to high voltage compatibility with batteries such as Tesla and LGChem (release date 2016 but have not hit our shores yet). The advantage is its the relative ease of installation with existing PV solar systems, which minimises installation cost and is one of the best cost effective solution on the market. SMA are also in the process of releasing a Manual Change over switch, which will allow the consumer switch over to battery only, during a power black out. It’s important to note that although SMAsb-storage_komponenten’s Sunny Boy Storage inverter seems to be the best option for a simple Powerwall retrofit, the device’s applications are not limited to retrofitting – it is also a viable option for a brand new solar + storage system.   The graphic below shows how Sunny Boy Storage fits into a complete system. For more info (and other configurations), check out this information sheet (pdf) from SMA.  

Battery Storage

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