Confused about Solar Systems

What is South Australian Feed In Tarriff (FIT Scheme)?

We have received numerous calls on what the current Feed in Tariff or FIT is in South Australia and whether a Solar system is even worth considering. Well the answer is yes and no.

Firstly in regards to the solar system FIT, in South Australia can be found at

In summary from 1 January 2014, residential and small business PV customers are entitled to receive a minimum R-FiT amount of 7.6 c/kWh from their electricity retailer for electricity fed into SA Power Networks’ distribution network. Electricity retailers may voluntarily pass on a higher R-FiT amount as part of their unregulated market offers.


Is it worth purchasing a solar system?

Yes but, a solar system should always be considered as part of the picture and should not be treated as the total solution. With feed in tariffs at an all time low there is no longer the thought of designing a system that will produce enough energy back into the grid to produce a credit or a check. Those days are long gone. That said we have always advised customers to buy energy efficient appliances first as this will always be a more cost effective approach in saving your electricity usage. Designing a system must be focused on daily usage only.

What solar system size should I purchase?

With the reduction of FIT the designing of the solar system size is critical. Why? Because it is all about energy usage during the sunlight hours. We recently visited a customer who wanted a 5kw solar system, but after a few questions we realised that 80% of the time he was away so really a small 1.5KW system would offset the fridge and some day running appliances. So the more energy you use during the sunlight ours the better you can make an indent into your power bills with a solar system.

What can I do to understand my daily usage?

One way to work out what your daily usage would be to walk out to the meter box and read and record the number on the meter at the start of the day and do the same at the end of the day (day light ours). Take away the last number from the first one you recorded, this will give you the KW/h used in that part of the day. Do this over a period including Saturdays and Sundays.

What to do if you are confused?

Take advantage of Electrawise free consultation, spend as much or as little time asking the many questions you might have on the day. We will give you opportunities to save money and meet one of our Solar Engineers with hands on solar installation experience

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