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Conergy PowerPlus modules and frames withstand strongest cyclones

written 12. DECEMBER 2012 | BY: CONERGY

Cyclone testing awards Conergy systems the rating “Cyclonic Ultimate Strength”

Conergy’s PowerPlus modules and mounting systems are stormproof. This has been confirmed by an independent cyclone testing carried out at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia. Awarding the systems the rating “Cyclonic Ultimate Strength”, the experts confirmed that the PowerPlus modules installed on Conergy mounting systems can withstand even the most severe cyclonic storms. Therewith, the system supplier’s modules did not only pass large hail, ammonia and salt mist tests with flying colours but now also a cyclone test.

Besides static tests, the testing included most notably the so-called “low-high-low” test, which simulates the effect of the extremely high wind speeds that change quickly and drastically during cyclones. This cyclical stress is considered far more challenging than static loads and represents the most destructive element of such storms.

The Conergy PowerPlus modules on the Conergy mounting systems withstood this simulation at the “Cyclone Testing Station” in the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences at James Cook University, which is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), totally unscathed. The Conergy mounting systems are thus fully certified for cyclones of category A to C, with certification for category D cyclones possible upon request. In conjunction with the Conergy PowerPlus modules, the Conergy systems achieved the top rating of “Cyclonic Ultimate Strength”. This is also a first: Conergy is the very first solar company to undergo testing and obtain certification for a complete solar system. The testing and the examination criteria are not restricted to Australian cyclones, but can also be transferred to other regions endangered by cyclonic storms.

“Conergy stands for excellent quality standards and durability. This has now been proved once more by our products passing the cyclone test with flying colours,” said Rodger Meads, Managing Director of Conergy Australia. “We are thus the first solar company that has also had its combined system comprising both modules and mounting system certified and not just individual components. Our systems withstand the most adverse conditions, be it wind, hail, salty sea air or ammonia. This provides a secure basis to our customers for their plant and their investment.”