Best system full highlights

germanflagBEST Solar System Highlights

Conergy Power Plus Solar panel

• Salt fog tested (Coastal regions such as West Lakes, Grange, Henley Glenelg etc)
• Ammonia (Farming regions)
Hail Stone Tested ( )
Strong performance in weak light
• World leading 10 Year manufacturer defect warranty , 25 year linear performance warranty

• Self cleaning glass
• +3% positive tolerance
• Panels made in Germany ( ), a social and environmentally conscious society.

• Conergy directly commited in Adelaide having sales offices in Mawson Lakes, and throughout Australia


SMA Sunny Boy Inverter

• Extensive 30 years inverter design and manufacture experience
• High grade electronic components used
• Highest conversion efficiency on the market
• SMA supports products directly within Australia
• Warranty 5 years with an option for another 5 years

Conergy mounting system

• Support rail Extruded Aluminium (ENAW 6060/6063)
• Roof hooks, small parts Stainless steel and extruded Aluminium
• Warranty 10 years durability on materials


Conclusion – This full German solar system offers customers peace of mind that only the highest grade materials and integrity of a long term German manufacturer can offer. This solar system is built for excellent year in year out performance. This system is highly recommended.