SA Residential Solar Tarrif Change








As you may be aware on May 26th 2015 the South Australian Power Network released its Annual Pricing Proposal for 2015/2016.

This year the proposal included a new ‘Residential with Solar’ Tariff, effectively charging home owners with solar PV systems differently to those without solar.

The proposal is unfair, poorly conceived and does not meet the requirements of the National Electricity Rules, which make it clear that customers with similar load profiles should be treated no differently, regardless of solar PV installations.

Clearly this proposal is discriminatory to customers with solar. It is our view that any such changes would negatively impact upon the residential solar market.

We ask you to join us in taking a stand against this unfair proposal, by completing the attached letter and sending it to Tom Koutsantonis MP, seeking his public support for residential solar owners. Please ask your staff and other stakeholders to put their name down against this unfair proposal.

Thank you for your support

From the team at ElectraWise

Download the letter here (PDF file approx size: 77KB)